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Bowes Road Dental Practice and its team would like to welcome you to our Dental Practice located in North London. We pride ourselves on providing top quality Dentistry for our patients which helps our patients smile with confidence. Ensuring you maintain good dental health is our primary objective. Whether it is a smile makeover, replacing missing teeth, or even helping you care for your existing teeth, all our team members work together to ensure nothing is lacking during or after your treatment.

Services we provide


Dental Services

General Dentistry

At Bowes Road Dental, we encourage all our patients to attend regular dental examinations and hygienist visits. Our patients often tell us that the reason they attend on a regular basis is to spot any problems early, meaning only minimal treatment is necessary. This couldn’t be more accurate.
Regular attendance helps us to help you maintain your oral health in the long term.

Smile Makeover

Whenever we think about smile makeover, we think building a patient’s confidence when they smile, meaning we are looking at mainly the front teeth. There are many techniques we can use to build these smiles, however, without planning, this can often be unpredictable and not produce results we are after. 


Invisalign is a branch of orthodontics whereby clear discreet braces will move the teeth quickly and safely. Using the latest technologies and digital scanners, we are able to provide a simulation of how your teeth can look after the Invisalign treatment. Although it is a simulation, it is very accurate in showing what movements can be achieved. 


Implants are perfect to fill gaps where teeth are missing. At Bowes Road Dental Practice, we are proud to offer in-house implant treatment delivered by our highly experienced team. With the use of state-of-the-art equipment, top end products, and careful planning, our aim is to make the experience as comfortable as possible whilst returning your smile back to you.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is becoming an increasingly popular treatment to produce a more confident smile
quickly and efficiently. The process involves fabricating custom-made trays which are made specific to your mouth. You are then provided with these trays along with a starter pack of whitening gels to kick start your whitening journey. 

Hygiene Therapy

A hygienist is one of most crucial members of the Dental team. Our experienced hygienist works
alongside our Dentists to give your teeth the very best and deepest cleans, as well as provide advice for you to do all you can at home to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

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